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It all started with two families that just love Halloween....

Our families would throw a Halloween party every year in the garage next to the old barn on the family farm, which was built in the 1800's.


Our dads loved Halloween so much that they used the old Victorian barn to create a haunted house that you had to walk through to enter the party.


After a few years, this eventually evolved to making the neighborhood kids walk through the "haunted barn" to get their Halloween candy, then we began opening up the haunted barn experience to the neighborhood and the local community.


Ten years later, we work all year long to build sets, hire actors and work out all the logistics to bring you Eerie Acres Farm every October.



Although we have resurrected a new building that is situated in the farming field behind the original haunted barn, we are still a privately owned, family-run haunted attraction.



And the motive has always stayed the same-we simply love Halloween, and just want to share our favorite time of the year by scaring all of you silly! We hope you will come join us!

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